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Essen Motor Show 2019 | Porsche GT3 R Painting x Ringpolice x Camber

Updated: May 24, 2022

For someone like me, who has gasoline in his blood, the Essen Motor Show is not unknown territory. But this time the whole thing was a little different....

At 5:00 in the morning I started the engine. Over 600 kilometers and a certain amount of uncertainty lay ahead of me. My little Golf was fully loaded with easels, paints and two large canvases - one of which was the reason that led me to the EMS 2019.

Drawing and painting at home in a quiet ambience is what I'm used to. No one really knew who was behind cardrwngs until now and that admittedly gave me a sense of security. Nevertheless, it was a great honor for me to paint the Porsche GT3 R, also known as UFO, with acrylic paints on canvas at the Camber booth (Hall 6) and in cooperation with the Ring Police.

To carry out such a project at the fair was a first for me and especially the contact with visitors and even customers who had already purchased drawings and art prints from me in the past is a nice part of my work that I would not want to miss in the future.

I am especially pleased that the painting of the Ring Police UFO will be auctioned for a good cause and will benefit Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden, which supports children and young people with cancer. You can learn more about our cooperation and this charitable project in the interview with racing driver Jan Erik Slooten, which you can see in this video:

In summary, the Essen Motor Show 2019 was a complete success for me and I took away many valuable experiences from it.

My special thanks for the great hospitality goes to the team of Camber. You guys made it possible for me to have a smooth and successful appearance at the Essen show.


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